Waxing is a very popular method of temporarily removing hair from the body and face.

Melted wax is applied to the skin and allowed to harden slightly - when the wax is removed the hair is pulled out by the root.

Waxing needs to be done regularly to keep the skin hair free. It's important to pay attention to aftercare to prevent any infection of the hair follicles and to discourage in-grown hairs once the hair begins to grow again.

It's a simple procedure but that doesn't mean anyone can do it well. Our therapists are very experienced and we only use the highest quality waxes - this makes all the difference in terms of your results. We also have very strict hygiene protocols.

Our Prices


  • Eyebrow shape $27
  • Upper Lip $22
  • Chin $22
  • Underarm $30
  • Half Arms $45
  • Full Arms $60
  • Half Legs $45
  • Full Legs $70
  • Bikini $30
  • Extended Bikini $48
  • Brazilian (includes tailfeathers) $65


  • Chest $45
  • Back $55
  • Back & Shoulders $65
  • Half Legs $55
  • Full Legs $75

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It's really important to choose a skilled and experienced therapist who uses top quality wax to get the best and most long-lasting results.

Frequently asked questions

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  • How often will I need to wax?

    This varies quite a lot between individuals. An average would be every six weeks but there will be variations around that. You might find that the more often you have waxing done then the hair will gradually become finer and you can stretch out the gap between treatments. Everyone is different.

  • Does waxing reduce hair growth?

    There's no real evidence for this. Some people notice the hair is finer when it grows back after waxing so it looks like there is less hair.

    If you are looking to permanently reduce body hair then you would need IPL (intense pulsed light), laser or electrolysis. These are technologies where the hair follicles are destroyed so the hair can't grow back.

  • What are the benefits of waxing?

    Waxing gives a mild exfoliation to help smooth the skin. Unlike shaving there's no possibility of getting a cut and the hair will take longer to grow back than if you shaved.

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