OMNILUX revive Red Light Therapy

OMNILUX is a world leader in non-invasive LED light therapy and is the gold standard in non-thermal phototherapy skin treatments. This technology has a strong medical history as it was originally pioneered as a non-invasive alternative to laser treatments.

OMNILUX use single wavelength LED's which are packed closely together to give the optimum light intensity for the best results and to ensure that all areas of the skin receive the same dosage.

Cells within our bodies contain receptors that absorb light naturally and when they are exposed to red light these cells are stimulated to produce collagen and elastin. Blood flow also increases and the lymphatic system is stimulated which helps speed up the removal of toxins.

The red light rejuvenates and promotes healing and we often use the OMNILUX along with other treatments -after a peel, photorejuvenation or collagen induction therapy - to soothe and promote natural recovery.

Our Prices

  • 30 minute session $105
  • As an add-on to other treatments $75

We believe that OMNILUX is the best light therapy available and that's why we chose it for our clinic.

Frequently asked questions

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  • I've heard the light is quite bright?

    This is a medical grade treatment specifically designed to produce real results. There are 1700 LED's in the revive head so the light is bright which is why we ask you to wear small goggles over your eyes to reduce the brightness. Though it's bright there is no excessive heat involved just a soothing warmth.

  • Would OMNILUX be suitable for darker skin tones?

    Because there is no real heat involved as there is with IPL or laser the OMNILUX revive is safe for all skin types - from light to dark. So anyone can benefit from this therapy.

  • How many treatments would you recommend to get the best results?

    To get the maximum long-term benefit from this therapy we recommend a programme of 9 treatments spread over 3 weeks. Each treatment is just 20 minutes so you could easily fit a treatment into a lunch break.

  • Can I keep my make-up on during the treatment?

    Make-up and particularly sun-screen can make the treatment less efficient so your therapist will cleanse your skin first to make sure you get maximum benefit.

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Please call us on 09 274 6833 or use our Contact Us form.