Feather Touch Brows

Microblading, or feather touch brows, is a semi-permanent make-up technique used to create beautiful, natural looking brows. The shape of your brow will be customised to suit the contours of your face using specialised measuring equipment.

Your brows will be done by Amy Gilpin who is a fully qualified and certified PhiBrows Artist. Amy uses only premium grade Phibrows inks to give long lasting and colour-stable results.

Our Prices

  • 1st Treatment $350
  • 2nd Treatment $150
  • 3rd Treatment (if necessary) $150 - must be done within 6 weeks of 2nd treatment
  • Annual Colour Refresh $250 - $295


This client wanted a stronger and more attractive shape for her brows - a little fuller and more even but not obviously different.


Immediately after treatment the skin around the brows is pink and slightly swollen, this soon subsides. At this stage the tattooed hairs are more noticeable - you can see where the individual hairs have been drawn in to blend with the existing hair growth. After the skin has healed the tattooed hairs are less obvious and look very natural. The true final colour only shows when the skin is fully healed.

The satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority so we maintain the highest standards of professionalism in everything we do.

Frequently asked questions

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  • What are PhiBrows?

    Phibrows is a world-wide brand recognised for excellence.Their method results in natural looking brows which are produced by making a series of measurements to ensure symmetry ( though not perfect symmetry) and that the brows are right for your face. Not too wide,not too thin.

    All Phibrows Artists have gone through rigorous training and are not certified until they show they can consistently achieve the highest standard of work.

  • How do I know if microblading is suitable for me?

    The first essential stage is a free consultation that includes time to talk about what you want to achieve and to go through what happens in detail. There are also some questions in relation to any medications you are taking, any allergies, your general health and the health of your skin. We won't go any further if we are not sure we can safely treat you and get a good result.

  • What if I've already had my brows tattooed?

    If you have had your brows done by someone else previously then it may be that we cannot treat you. We can only be sure once we have seen and you then we can make a judgement.

  • What happens during the treatment?

    First the measurements are taken and the shape of your brows is outlined using a soft pencil. This will take some time as it's a crucial stage that can't be rushed.

    Once the shape is established then the individual hairs are drawn on using the special bladed tool to fill in any sparse areas then the semi-permanent ink is tattooed into the strokes. To finish any excess ink is removed and a clear gel is applied to the brows to assist in the healing process.

  • Is there anything I need to avoid before I have microblading?

    You will be given pre-treatment instructions with advice on things it's best to avoid. For example, some medications and supplements can cause blood thinning which can lead to excessive bleeding. We all want the best possible result so it's important to be healthy and well rested before your treatments.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    Usually you will need two sessions, occasionally a third treatment is needed. Because we each have unique skin chemistry the pigment is absorbed differently by each individual so we have to wait until the skin is fully healed to see the resulting colour and intensity of each stroke. A second treatment, done four weeks after the first, is almost always needed to make fine adjustments.

  • Do you do men's brows?

    Yes we do. The actual procedure is the same for men and women though the style and shape differ.

  • How do I take care of my skin after the microblading?

    How you look after your skin while it's healing is extremely important. It will take 7 to 10 days to heal after the treatment. You will be given after-care instructions and products to use at home, the instructions are simple but it's crucial to follow them carefully if you want to get the best possible outcome.

  • How long will my microbladed brows last?

    This varies from person to person but a top up treatment is usually needed after about 12 months.

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