Our facials are not fluffy facials. We specialise in using technology to get the very best results for you. We can customise a facial to suit in terms of the time you have available, how much money you want to spend and what you want to achieve. You can always be sure you are getting an effective treatment that's designed to promote lasting benefits and give you healthy, glowing skin.


Synergy means two or more things working together to produce a combined effect that's greater than the sum of their separate effects.


The Synergy Facial is about combining these technologies in a way that makes them work beautifully together to give maximum benefits.

SYNERGY 2: It's always good to start with a gentle dermabrasion or a peel to prepare the skin surface. It means that any treatments that follow will be that much more effective and any active ingredients will penetrate even further. Try following the exfoliation with a soothing and rejuvenating red light treatment.

SYNERGY 3: Choose a peel or a dermabrasion to gently remove dry dead cells, follow with red light therapy to soothe and detoxify then finish with a vitamin infusion using sonophoresis to plump and nourish your skin. This is one of our most popular facials.

Whatever your skin concerns there is combination that will work for you - your therapist can give you expert advice.


This is a three stage intensive infusion facial. It suits every skin type and is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy skin. ENVIRON stays away from fads and has a reputation built on sound scientific research. The basic principle here is to get vital vitamins and other active ingredients deep into the skin.

First we deep-cleanse the skin then follow with a gentle fruit acid or superficial ENVIRON acid based peel. Then a customised vitamin-rich cocktail is infused using sonophoresis which creates micro-channels to reach the deepest layers of the skin. Finally an algae mask is applied and more infusing with a pulsed electric current, a technique called iontophoresis. While the iontophoresis does it's work there's also a relaxing shoulder, neck and scalp massage to complete your ENVIRON experience.

This is a premier facial that will leave your skin looking brighter, plumper, firmer and more even-textured.

We offer a variety of customised infusion facials of varying durations to suit the time you have available.


DERMAQUEST are well known for their effective ingredients and innovative delivery systems and were among the first to utilise the powerful properties of peptides, plant stem cells and antioxidants. They remain a leader in plant stem cell technology and are a top international skincare brand.

DERMAQUEST facials are the perfect introduction to their wide range of advanced skin peels which are formulated to treat all the common skin concerns and are the perfect option if you favour a classic facial.

The DERMAQUEST facial delivers deep cleansing with a double cleanse and exfoliation and provides vital nourishment to the skin with a customized mask and massage followed by your skin-specific advanced serum and aftercare.

Our Prices

  • Synergy 2 -60 min $180
  • Synergy 3 -75 min - 90min $250 - $280
  • Dermaquest / Environ Facial - 30 min $130
  • Dermaquest / Environ Facial - 45 min $145
  • Dermaquest / Environ Facial - 60 min $160
  • ENVIRON Facial + Alginate Mask 75 min $180
  • ENVIRON Facial + Alginate Mask 90 min $220

Face and neck are always exposed to the environment and tend to suffer the most damage. Our customised facials are designed to repair and protect.

Frequently asked questions

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  • What is an ENVIRON facial?

    Some people think this is one of the best facials available. Obviously we do and that's why we offer it to our clients. Using technology invented by Dr Des Fernandez, the world renowned founder of ENVIRON skin care, specially formulated vitamin-rich serums are infused into the skin. The Ionzyme DFII Sonophoresis machine is the first to combine low frequency sound waves and iontophoresis -a pulsed electrical current - to stimulate the skin. This stimulation allows active ingredients to penetrate much deeper and it addresses many common skin concerns - ageing, pigmentation, sensitivity, redness, acne - because it supplies the vitamins that are vital for healthy skin.

  • What is a DERMAQUEST facial?

    Dermaquest’s Tri-factor illuminates the balance of protection, strength, and regeneration of the skin through the powerful combination of peptides, antioxidants, and plant stem cells.

    A Dermaquest facial is the perfect introductory treatment to prepare the skin for Dermaquests vast range of result-driven peels or to simply help maintain healthy balanced skin.

  • What's the best way to get maximum benefits from all the technologies you use?

    We can prepare a customised programme for you made up of a mix of treatments - Collagen Induction Therapy, Photorejuvenation, Infusions, Peels - whatever your skin needs. This is a very economical way of getting the best treatments and you can spread the cost by paying weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

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