With electrolysis each hair is removed individually by applying an electric current to the root of the hair via a very fine needle. The hair follicle is destroyed and the hair won't grow back. The needles we use are coated in 24 carat gold and are nickel free. These high quality needles have serious advantages, they make the treatment more comfortable, they reduce redness and speed up recovery time and they're hypoallergenic.

Because this therapy treats one hair at a time it's not really suitable for large areas. Usually it's used on the face - upper lip, chin and between eyebrows particularly. It's very good for stray hairs anywhere on the body.

Electrolysis sessions are priced by the minute with 15 minutes as the minimum session time.

Our Prices

  • 15 minutes $45 (minimum charge)
  • 30 minutes $70

Electrolysis requires considerable skill to get the best results. Our therapists have many years experience so you can be confident of a good outcome.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Is electrolysis painful?

    The electric current has to be applied at a certain level to destroy the hair follicle so there is a slight stinging sensation, most people tolerate it well. Our therapists are very experienced and we use the excellent British made Sterex machine along with high quality needles - all these things make the treatment more comfortable.

    You may feel more uncomfortable the first time you have this treatment because you don't know what to expect. Usually subsequent treatments are better and you can relax.

  • What about hygiene - what happens to the needles?

    Hygiene protocols are an extremely important part of all our treatments. With electrolysis a very fine needle is used to apply the current to the hair follicle. All our needles are single use and are safely disposed of after each treatment.

  • What should I do to the hairs prior to the treatment?

    Don't tweeze,shave or use chemical hair removers before your appointment. You can lightly trim if you wish and ideally the hair should be 2mm plus in length to give a good indication where the root lies.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    The number of treatments will vary and will be dependent on several factors such as the amount of hair present, any hormonal influence and genetics.

    Treatment frequency can vary too depending on the amount of hair involved.

  • What will my skin look like after the electrolysis?

    There may be some minor localised swelling and redness,the gold needles we use help to keep any side-effects at a minimum. You can apply a good mineral make-up such as jane iredale straight after the treatment.

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Please call us on 09 274 6833 or use our Contact Us form.