Advanced Electrolysis

Advanced electrolysis can be successfully used to treat some very common skin blemishes. The heat from the applied current has the effect of cauterising tissue or coagulating blood and gives fast and effective results.

Skin tags can be a nuisance for many of us. These are benign soft growths that vary in colour and size and are usually found in areas where there is friction e.g in folds of skin, the underarm, under the breasts and around the neck where necklaces and collars constantly rub and irritate the skin. Skin tags that are "hanging" and have a "neck" can be easily removed.

Milia are small, benign, white lumps containing keratin which lie just under the surface of the skin (see photograph). Usually they are found on the face and most often around the eye area and the nose and cheeks. Sometimes they occur individually and sometimes as a cluster.

Telangiectasia - thread or spider veins are small blood vessels that occur in a thread-like pattern on the skin surface and often develop in clusters with a web-like appearance - hence the name spider veins. They are most common on the cheeks, nose, chin and chest.

Angiomas are bright red spots caused by an excessive growth of capillaries.

Both telangiectasia and angiomas can also be treated using IPL.

Advanced Electrolysis sessions are priced by the minute with 15 minutes as the minimum session time.

Our Prices

  • 15 minutes $55 (minimum charge)
  • 30 minutes $100

Advanced electrolysis is a quick and effective treatment for skin tags, milia and vascular lesions such as thread veins and angiomas.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Can these blemishes be removed with one treatment?

    In many cases one treatment will give the desired result but the length and number of treatments will depend upon the problem and its extent. You will be given advice at your consultation if a repeat treatment might be necessary.

  • What causes thread veins?

    There are several factors that can contribute to the the small blood vessels becoming damaged. There could be an underlying skin condition such as acne or rosacea and environmental factors such as extreme temperature changes, too much sun exposure or excessive harsh exfoliation can also be a cause.

    The ageing process too causes the breakdown of elastin and collagen and the skin becomes thinner making any superficial veins more noticeable.

  • I have a few thread veins now, will this get worse over time?

    This condition won't heal itself but treatment using heat to cauterise the vessels will remove them. If there is an underlying condition then more vessels may appear over time - the good news is that if treated the condition is manageable.

  • Can I remove milia by squeezing them out?

    Don't try squeezing milia as this will only cause trauma to the surrounding tissue. The best way to remove them is using heat to break down the protein inside the milia. After treatment the area will be pink with some slight swelling which will subside in a few hours.

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